Kickstart Course

  • The KickStart Course is for students that have not reached a level of comfort that will enable them to continue with the course. True novice riders may find the slower pace helpful when learning the initial control skills and gain greater comfort and familiarity with the motorcycle. It is a 2-3 hour, first-touch experience with a motorcycle and not designed to teach a person to ride. Also embedded in the experience is a self-assessment component to ensure a person is aware of the risks and requirements for being a good, safe and responsible rider.
  • Note: This course is NOT FOR ENDORSEMENT
  • The KickStart Course can be given just about any time during the week and on most weekends.
  • Novice riders that complete this course find they are quite comfortable with the motorcycle and better prepared for the BRC.
  • This course is only available to those who have taken the BRC and were not comfortable enough to continue.