To become a RiderCoach:

  1. Be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Have a motorcycle license or endorsement.
  3. Have a good driving record.
  4. Have no criminal history.
  5. Ride a registered and insured motorcycle frequently on the street.
  6. Good communication skills.
  7. Sincere desire to help others.
All RiderCoach candidates must complete an RCP (RiderCoach Prep Course). These are sponsored by the State of Florida and are held several times of the year. The RCP is normally a week long for 8 hours each day. The last 2 days of class you'll teach a class with real students. After completion of the RCP you'll be certified to teach the MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) BRC (Basic RiderCourse).

All training to prepare you for the RCP will be done by Biker Training LLC.

Here is a list of what you can expect to learn:

  1. How to setup the range; cone placement, motorcycle positioning for the start of class, setup rest area for students.
  2. Motorcycle demonstrations. This shows the proper path of travel, speed, and ease of use.
  3. How to setup the classroom; Reading material for students and computer for presentation materials.
  4. Classroom facilitation.
  5. Dealer activities to help students find the proper gear and motorcycle fit.

Demo Boot Camp is a 2 day course that all RiderCoach Candidates must complete before being allowed to ride demonstrations in front of students.

This will prepare you to learn the proper path of travel, proper speed, and smoothness of how a demonstration should look like.

We will also cover how to properly setup the range for each exercise with proper cone placement and how to coordinate the color of cones to help students with the proper path of travel.

You will be responsible to bring the following:

  1. Over the ankle sturdy footwear. It's recommended you wear a shoe that allows you to feel the foot controls. Shoes or boots with a large heel or steel toe make it increasingly difficult to shift, especially for women.
  2. Long pants made out of sturdy materials. No spandex or sweatpants.
  3. Long sleeve shirt or jacket. Light colors work best when it's hot outside.
  4. Full fingered gloves.
  5. D.O.T helmet
  6. Eye protection. Glasses are considered eye protection for the purpose of this course.
  7. As it may rain, it's recommended to have motorcycle rain gear or consider bringing a change of clothes.
Have a job already? No problem! Most RiderCoaches have normal jobs already and we can work around your schedule.
This depends on how much time you are willing to put into the curriculum. However, the typical candidate will normally take 3 to 6 months.
All training materials are paid for by Biker Training LLC. In the event you must travel for an RCP, the costs will be either covered by us or reimburssed.

If you are already certified by MSF give us a call at 850-456-2277 and let's talk!

If you are certified by another state we can help you with the required paperwork to get you into the FRTP program (Florida Rider Training Program). This is a simple process!

FRTP paperwork is required to teach in the State of Florida.

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